Da Lat Carbonic Maceration LIFT


Vietnam Da Lat Carbonic Maceration LIFT Green Coffee Beans from Mercon Specialty

Da Lat Carbonic Maceration LIFT

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Lam Dong

Farm / Cluster

Local LIFT Producers


1400-1600 masl


Carbonic Maceration



Flavor Notes

Spicy, root beer, birch beer, baking spice, maple, heavy body

The story behind Da Lat Carbonic Maceration LIFT

Carbonic Maceration is a new and remarkable Specialty Arabica produced in-house by Mercon Specialty Vietnam in its quest to produce and offer unique coffees. First, only fully riped cherries from the highest farms located in Cau Dat (Lam Dong, Vietnam) will be handpicked to produce this Specialty Coffee.

This singular fermentation process is inspired by the wine-making industry, where the original process helps to improve the body and the aromas of the wine.

In opposition to our Anaerobic Washed Arabica where the coffee is simply fermented in an oxygen-free environment, the Carbonic Maceration implies fermenting the whole cherries inside an airtight chamber pumping in progressively Carbone Dioxide (CO2) while releasing the Oxygen via another valve.

The maceration will take up to 72 hours in the oxygen-free environment in which coffee cherry will ferment from the inside, giving a very deep purple color to the cherry. Once the maceration is over, the cherries will be pulped, washed and sun-dried in our facility greenhouses.

The Carbonic Maceration Arabica is produced is small batches, after drying, the dry parchment is conditioned for 30 days in our dry mills in Lam Dong before hulling. The coffee is also stored in our climate-controlled warehouse prior export to retain maximum freshness of the beans.

The result is a juicy, fruity, and vibrant coffee delivering a bright acidity and winey notes. This unique specialty reveals complex flavors ranging from cooked fruits to fruit berry jam.

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Vietnam Da Lat Carbonic Maceration LIFT Green Coffee Beans from Mercon Specialty

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