Who we are

Mercon Specialty is more than a specialty green coffee supplier. We source the finest quality coffee through sustainable practices across the entire supply chain—from growing to roasting.

We are committed to sourcing and consistently delivering the best quality of coffee. Our team works hand in hand with producers at origins and roasters worldwide to build long- lasting relationships. Being well connected allows us to directly impact the livelihood of coffee producers and their communities alike—which means we’re able to offer more innovative solutions and better service to our partners and our customers.

Be part of discovering the story and impact behind our coffee.

We specialize in sourcing micro-lots, estate grown and premium coffees from thousands of small producers with whom we have long standing relationships.

Our producers are masters of their craft, so our philosophy is simple: recognize, appreciate, and reward their greatness—the rest will follow. We believe in honoring the history and heritage of coffee, and without a prodcuer, coffee would never see the light of day. In this case, they are our greatest strength—and in turn, our customers get the highest quality coffee possible.

Mercon Specialty headquarters are in Seattle, Washington and we have a strong presence in Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Brazil, and Vietnam. We are proud members of Mercon Coffee Group, a vertically integrated green coffee supplier with a global reach of more than 60 countries and expertise that spans the entire supply chain, from farming and production to sales, logistics, and risk management.

Our team

Our team brings a wealth of knowledge and decades of experience in the specialty coffee industry. From farming and processing to blending and roasting, our expertise allows us to tailor our services to every clients’ needs—ensuring that each customer gets the best experience possible.

We focus on areas where we can deliver exceptional results within our core expertise. You can trust our team to be your most reliable partner and help you expand your boundaries to grow and succeed.

Craig Russell
Managing Director

Craig has been in Specialty Coffee since 1993, passionate about the product but also the producers and communities, that’s why board member of Seeds for Progress, a non-profit that provides quality education in coffee communities of Nicaragua and Guatemala.

Jolene Zehnder
Director of Sales & Operations

Jolene loves coffee and it translates in her passion to giving back to coffee communities. She is committed to social responsibility and sustainability in the coffee industry and loves working closely with producers in origin.

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Scott McMartin

Director of Coffee

Scott has been in the coffee industry for over 30 years and has a vast experience in blending and roasting. He has traveled to more than 20 origin countries and to this day continues his quest to find the world’s best coffees.

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Neil Oney

Green Coffee Quality Specialist

A competitive pinball player who happens to be a talented and skilled cupper. Neil is an Authorized SCA Trainer and Q Grader.

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Jason Sawicki

Senior Operations Manager

Jason is an experienced Master Roaster. He knows the ins and outs of the coffee industry, from safety, quality, roasting, to traffic and logistics. He loves not only coffee but the stories and the people behind every cup.

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Emily Smith

Green Coffee Sales

A self-proclaimed coffee geek, Emily is constantly learning more about this fascinating and evolving industry, which has made her an extraordinary coffee educator. She is passionate about helping others and working with people that share her love for coffee.

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Michelle Dunaway

Green Coffee Sales

As a Honduran, Michelle is an expert on coffee from this beautiful country and even though she loves talking about coffee from any origin country in the world, she has a soft spot for coffee from her native Honduras.

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Our values

Whether it’s with our partners, our customers, or our communities, we hold ourselves accountable to the highest ranks of Integrity, Teamwork, Entrepreneurship, and Excellence.