Green Coffee Storage: Maximizing the Life of Your Green Coffee

Each roaster has its own set of individual requirements, but regardless of whether they purchase full containers, single bags, or small 20lb boxes, the end goal remains the same: to ensure that their coffee stays fresh and retains its shelf life for as long as possible. To that end, we have compiled a few green coffee storage tips that will help you maintain the quality of your coffee.

Humidity and Odor

Green coffee possesses hygroscopic properties, resulting in its ability to absorb moisture from the atmosphere. An excessive amount of humidity can lead to a higher moisture content in green coffee, leading to a faster aging process and even potential mold growth. Furthermore, its hygroscopic nature also makes it susceptible to absorbing odors, similar to how baking soda operates. This can cause it to take on unwanted odors, thus altering its natural coffee taste. It is essential to store green coffee in an environment that is free from strong smells and low in humidity to preserve its flavor. Additionally, purchasing coffee that has been shipped in impermeable packaging, such as GrainPro or EcoTact, can prevent unwanted moisture and odors from compromising the coffee's quality.

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Temperature and Light

Exposure to inconsistent temperatures can be detrimental to your coffee, as it leads to heightened humidity levels and may also put unnecessary stress on the coffee cell walls. Furthermore, coffee that is exposed to light runs the risk of oxidation of the flavor molecules, ultimately resulting in a bitter taste. It is advisable to store your coffee in air-tight containers, and in a space that maintains a consistent temperature of around 70F, while avoiding direct exposure to light.


While we previously discussed humidity and its impact on coffee, it is important to note that liquid water poses an equal threat. Any leaks or flooding in your storage area could result in water damaging your coffee bags, thereby ruining the entire batch. As a precautionary measure, ensure that coffee bags are kept away from any surfaces that may encounter water, such as the floor. By doing so, you can safeguard your coffee from any potential water damage.


Insects and Other Animals

To avoid any unwanted incidents, it is advisable to keep your green coffee bags on pallets and ensure that they are properly sealed. This will reduce the likelihood of insects and other animals finding their way into your coffee, just as they would with water if left on the floor.

If you move through your coffee quickly, the concerns mentioned above may not have enough time to manifest, although you can take preventative measures within your own space. However, as you progress and the amount of coffee you possess surpasses your capacity to conveniently house unroasted coffee, discovering dependable and secure storage options becomes crucial.

At Mercon Specialty, we take great pleasure in engaging with you on matters relating to eco-friendly storage options, providing suitable solutions to optimize your warehouse space, and assisting with efficient delivery management to ensure your coffee stays fresh and flavorful for an extended period.