Small Box Program

FREE shipping on all boxes, all the time.

The Small Box Program is perfect for:

Exploring new coffees

If you want to explore the newest micro lots or exciting and unique coffee blends, here is an excellent chance to acquire a small box version without the pressure of purchasing an entire bag. This approach allows your roastery to diversify your coffee collection while being cautious about your existing inventory.

Adding to a blend

Exploring and experimenting with creating unique blends is something we thoroughly enjoy, and we believe you share this passion as well. It's an economical approach to try different combinations, allowing you to procure small boxes at a fraction of the cost, even as you engage in experimentation.

Creating an Exclusive Single-Origin

Our company takes pride in providing clients with exclusive micro lots in limited quantity bags. These exceptional coffees are offered in 20 lbs, which allows you to create a highly sought-after single-origin coffee that can be offered for a limited time.