You're invited! Brazil LIFT Competition Winners Cupping with Three Keys Coffee

Mercon Specialty Brazil Winner Competition Cupping Event

Experience the exceptional taste of exclusive Brazil specialty coffees, including top-quality winners from the Brazil LIFT Producer Competition and highly sought-after micro lots. Mercon Specialty, a subsidiary of the Mercon Coffee Group (Brazil), recently hosted their first-ever Brazil LIFT Producer Competition in August. This forward-thinking initiative aimed to motivate, support, and recognize the cultivation of specialty coffee among Mercon's Brazil LIFT producers. We'll be showcasing 10 unique Brazilian micro lots!

LIFT is Mercon's sustainable production platform that equips coffee farmers and communities with valuable tools, training, and services. By partnering directly with coffee producers, we help to improve their quality of life and well-being in a socially and environmentally conscious way.

Mercon Specialty Brazil Winner Competition Cupping Event

The cupping event will be led by experienced Mercon Specialty sales executives, Michelle Dunaway and Camila Topke, who have strong connections within the green coffee industry and to origin countries(Honduras and Guatemala). Their primary goal is to introduce Mercon Specialty's unique range of Brazil specialty coffees, which are sure to elevate any roaster business. We're partnering with Three Keys Coffee, and appreciate their generosity of hosting in their beautiful cupping room.

To pair with the delectable Brazilian Specialty Coffees, the team will also be providing Brazilian treats!

We're so excited to meet new and old coffee friends, so we hope to see you December 1st @ 10 AM!

Cupping Event Details:

Three Keys Coffee Roastery

6306 Foster Street Houston, TX 77021

10 AM-12 PM CT