Seeds for Progress Foundation

Cultivating Lives Through Education

Seeds for Progress is a non-profit organization committed to transforming
lives through quality education in coffee communities within Central America.
Our work complements the generational handover of knowledge and know-how. Local
teams help facilitate skill development and create opportunities for

Transforming Lives in
Coffee Growing Communities

We connect children in coffee communities to schooling, health, and
information they need to create new opportunities and build a future.

Through productive and purposeful participation in their local environment,
we promote sustainable development and help coffee communities flourish. 

Seeds for Progress Pillars


We must ensure students can access technology and connectivity for modern learning and professional development.

We offer lectures, ongoing training, software, and study materials. Children comfortable with digital tools and platforms gain the skills to succeed in their future roles, allowing them to flourish.


As children form their ideas of themselves and society, the school serves as a second home. Therefore, we prioritize the quality of the environment where they will spend time.

We build spacious classrooms, designated eating areas, and access to clean restrooms and drinking water so that children feel comfortable, cared for, and eager to attend.

Mentor's Network

This network serves as a bridge from theory to practice. Students have access to experts who guide them on their learning journey.

Teaching mentors answer questions, provide feedback, and help address specific concerns at school. Together, they identify knowledge gaps and plan new strategies for the classroom.

These conversations contribute to the advancement of educators’ skills and elevate the learning experience.

Monitoring & Evaluation

Our use of international pedagogical tools and practices
enables us to assess the effectiveness of our programs.

We measure our impact and results to track our progress as
we pave the way for a brighter future. Guided by data, we continuously shift to solve the needs of the communities where we work.